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2002, Kaiping City, China Textile Industry Association, Named "Chinas Textile Industry Base City"; F

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Some experienced textile exhibitors summed up some experience: First, look at the shows organizers, size and strength, previous experience and reputation of the show; followed to see whether the professional exhibition services, the supplier of the appeal; there is a there is to look at the exhibition highlights special services
The final survey data also will be submitted to the Ministry of Commerce, if the shoe does not win, they want to intergovernmental can also be resolved through dialogue 3 Leader: devildemon whether it be big or the public, as long as I like to chat on here
Genuflect movement: hip slightly touching the chair, his hands clasped edge of a chair "Quality management and public goods Security Management Act" clearly states: used for household consumption of clothing products and safety management system to be modified, the additional indirect contact with the skin on apparel products of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals safety inspections, and strengthen product safety standard, from the original limited under 24 months of baby clothes and underwear products, formaldehyde and other harmful substances management extended to all apparel products, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals safety checks, while based on the original newly added "Child apparel products "and" adult apparel products with a touch of "security quality mark, which is Chinas clothing exports to bring a certain impact
We need to do now is to do on the current status of a full range of farming introspection, including feeding, management, production, technology, marketing, and so on all aspects of cooperation to identify the crux of the industrys problems and find solutions to problems method and found that the direction of the industry and the way out On this day, the market share in the past passenger traffic up to about 40 , foreign trade into the orders still small, about the time of the previous maximum of nearly 40 over the previous two days are basically the same
XieRongFang said that the original Wenzhou shoe enterprises in the export trade, mostly encountered issues such as trade barriers and technical barriers, and now, under the influence of the financial crisis, has been more able to draw clear ABC three classes, A class of business compared to the situation stable, B class enterprise susceptible to influence, but not a big problem, C class companies most affected

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